Corporate Overview

Founded in 1943 the Allison-Smith Company LLC has evolved from a premier Atlanta electrical contracting and engineering firm into a company with a national and international presence. As a degreed electrical engineer, the founder, Robert Allison, instilled in the company a culture of applying electrical engineering acumen to the process of construction. The montage of projects began with the post WWII prosperity of Atlanta through the 1960’s. The 1970’s saw the company expand following clients throughout the Southeast. The 1980’s and 1990’s began the expansion both nationally and internationally. Today close to fifty percent of the companies employees are working on projects outside of the state of Georgia.

Operating under the broad category of an electrical contractor, Allison-Smith Company LLC is much more. Project types include commercial buildings of all types, institutional buildings, data centers, call centers, medical facilities, sports facilities, laboratories, earth satellite stations, convention centers and many other facilities. Within these project types the work included is electrical wiring, lighting systems and controls, security systems, fire alarm systems, voice and data systems, fiber optics and emergency power backup.


Allison-Smith Company LLC is a client driven organization. As a contracting company, we do not exist without clients. The commitment to become the best electrical contracting company in the world has allowed us to maintain key client relationships for generations. Allison-Smith Company is forever trying to improve the design and construction delivery process so we can deliver maximum value to our clients.

Allison-Smith Company LLC is an employee owned company and the owners have an average tenure of 25 years.

Our focus is on negotiated contracts and design/build construction in the private sector. It is in this arena that we can maximize our strengths. The core of our abilities starts with the project managers who are masters at fast track projects. BIM integration affords quick cost analysis and integral budgeting from schematic drawings through project completion. The other core strengths of the company are the experienced field personnel averaging 25 years of service among the top 65 field supervisors and the financial stability.


Financial stability is not just a mathematical snapshot of a moment in time, is it the end result of a long-term disciplined decision making process. With a 70 year history, Allison-Smith Company LLC has experienced multiple ownership changes and numerous economic circumstances; yet through its history the company has been blessed with a continuous stream of profitable years and a strong balance sheet. In addition, we have had a relationship with the same banking institution for so long that even employees with 40 years of service with the company do not know how long it has existed. We have a similar relationship with our insurance bonding agent who has demonstrated stability in its highest form.