Design Build

Allison-Smith Company was an innovator in the design build approach in the 1960’s and that tradition continues today. We have the capability to develop realistic budgets and designs with surprising detail based on conceptual drawings and scope outlines. This capability is a product of historical information, project manager experience, engineering experience, computerized estimating, and a creativity to combine this information. Our typical process includes the following steps:

  • Create a detailed schematic design and submit for parallel review

  • Create a project budget and schedule to verify the schematic design and submit for parallel review

  • Take comments from the project stakeholders on the design, budget, and schedule and begin to work on identifying the critical components of the project

  • Investigate value engineering options based on project stakeholder comments

  • Perform detailed design on the critical components so they can be put into the procurement pipeline

  • Refine design, schedule, and budget based on the detailed design

  • Execute the project

Our design build experience has allowed us to utilize the same skills in design assist roles. We follow the same basic process defined above with our engineering resources taking a supporting rather than a lead role.