At Allison-Smith, we have spent the last 10 years installing electrical modules and learning what works and doesn’t, while optimizing modular integration.

We have now established a dedicated division and begun hiring, engineering, and building a custom space to produce fully customized and mass produced modular solutions for our clients.

Allison-Smith has years of experience building electrical systems for large-scale data centers, industrial applications, and prototyped facilities.

Expansion into Modular Solutions increases our ability to solve for on-site labor risks while delivering the highest quality product in shortened project timelines.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help transform industries by building and integrating complicated “blocks” to simplify construction projects.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to improve the safety, quality, speed, and efficiency of construction projects. Solve for shortages in skilled labor and embrace the construction industry’s trend towards off-site manufacturing.

As a guiding principle, we listen first and adapt with our clients. With Engineering and BIM resources we will custom design modular solutions with our clients.

Our relationships with suppliers allow us to effectively navigate the supply chain while our production and logistics resources are efficiency minded, focusing on quality and execution.

At Allison-Smith, we value trust. Client relationships are paramount for us and for this reason, we work collaboratively and with total transparency, as only a true partner can.

Modular Solutions gives us the capacity to do more for our clients, providing on-time delivery, no matter what and the ability to scale with our customers, no matter how big or small.


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