Allison-Smith Company is adept at designing and implementation of complex voice and data systems that allow our clients to perform at the speed required by today’s global business leaders. Our cost-effective design build planning processes allow us to effectively manage complex voice and data projects for the nation’s largest data centers, and our commitment to service goes well beyond the construction phase, and into the daily management and on-site support necessary to help ensure 24/7, consistent, uninterrupted service that our customers’ customers have come to expect.

Our History of Progress

Our Voice and Data services are not new—in fact, they are decades in the making. In that time, we’ve learned a thing or two about telecommunications and the demands it puts on electrical systems—and how to effectively meet that demand.

In the 1980’s two things occurred, IBM developed a new technology to connect personal computers called type I cable and the traditional telephone companies decided to abandon the market for the installation of telephone cable. At that time, Allison-Smith Company had a significant relationship with IBM and we not only became an installer for their systems but we also assisted them in developing the prototypes for many of their field installation methods. Owners and general contractors also recognized the convenience of the one-stop solution Allison-Smith Company provided for these services. Thus Allison-Telecom was born and today we are one of the oldest continuously operating telecom companies in the country.

With a full-time RCDD professional on staff, Allison-Smith Company has maintained a state-of-the-art design and installation team from those early days of telecom to today’s high-speed integrated voice and data technologies.


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