Our service department is available on a 24/7 basis, and after hours emergency telephone numbers are in continuous operation.

Service Department

At Allison-Smith Company, service includes repairs, maintenance, safety, and reliability.

In today’s global business environment, a loss of power can mean a significant loss of revenue—not to mention the negative impact an unplanned outage could have on customer confidence and the business’ overall brand image.

When it comes to the electrical systems that support our clients’ daily operations, we serve as the eyes and ears for our clients, ensuring everything is running as it should. The inconspicuous grey boxes that occupy electrical closets get little attention—until they cease to function properly. Then they can become the focal point of Presidents, CEOs, CFOs, and all those inconvenienced by a loss of power. To us, they are the life blood of industry and get our utmost attention daily. That is why our service department is available on a 24/7 basis. After hours emergency telephone numbers are in continuous operation.

ALERT! For after-hours service, please call (404) 351-6430 – select option 3. Available 24/7.


Service Department Contact

Allison Smith Company maintains a fleet of 12 dedicated service vehicles that handle daily service request and provide continuous electrical maintenance for a multitude of properties throughout Atlanta and the Southeast.

Scott Smith

Service Manager
(404) 351-6430 ext. 131
(404) 367-6131 direct


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