Design Build

Allison-Smith Company was an innovator in the design build approach in the 1960s, and that tradition continues today.

Planning & Estimating

Our pre-construction personnel work very closely with our field team in the planning and bid stages of a project to ensure that our clients receive the most cost-effective options and the highest level of expertise from the earliest planning stages throughout execution.

We have the ability to develop accurate budgets and precision designs with exacting detail, based on conceptual drawings and scope outlines. This comes from decades of experience manifesting itself in a wealth of historical information that you simply cannot get from a less experienced firm. This experience, combined with our expert team of project managers, engineers and proficient estimators, creates a customer experience that is second to none.

Design Build Process

Our typical process includes the following steps:

  1. Create a detailed schematic design.
  2. Create a project budget and schedule to verify the schematic design.
  3. Review comments from project stakeholders on the design, budget, and schedule; and identify critical components of the project.
  4. Investigate value engineering options based on stakeholder comments.
  5. Perform a detailed design on the critical components so they can be added to the procurement pipeline.
  6. Refine the design, schedule, and budget based on the detailed design.
  7. Execute the project.

Design Assist

Our design build experience has allowed us to utilize the same skills in design assist roles. We follow the same basic process defined above with our engineering resources taking a supporting role rather than a lead position in the project.


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