Hello My Friends and Co-Workers,

As most of you know I am Retiring this year. My responsibilities at Allison-Smith will turn over to Steven Williams on December 31st. I will still be around for a few months to assist Steven thru the transition. I also told him I would be available to him indefinitely to insure all of our Client needs were taken care of. Steven and I have had many discussions about the needs of the Client and the importance of responsiveness in this industry. He is up to the challenge and ready to put your needs first.

I cannot begin to express how wonderful my career has been. There are many elements that helped shape this career. I will never be able to thank all of those that offered guidance throughout my life, however I am truly thankful to each of them. Those who have Passed and Those still here, you will never know the depth of my appreciation! You will be in my heart Forever! Being able to come to work for Allison Smith Company as a 2nd generation family employee and follow in my Father’s footsteps was an honor in itself. Joining a Company that focused on a family environment and cared for each of its family members office & field, remarkable. Everyone always available and willing to assist you with any need to help you grow and succeed. I am so very Proud to have been a part of the history of Allison Smith Company and all the wonderful people that care for each other and the Clients they serve. Then the Pride as a father with a son and daughter now as the 3rd family generation with this Amazing Company.

After working with some of the greatest legend electricians thru my apprenticeship I was ask to head to Trust Company Bank to help Leon Morgan with a 2 week project running 4” pipe for large communications lines. Little did I know that that 2 week project would turn into an almost 40 year career with Trust Company / now SunTrust Bank. Throughout my time with SunTrust I have met so many Friends. Friends that will last a lifetime, and I’m looking forward to seeing many for many years to come.

Each of you have affected my life in some way. I will never be able to Thank You Enough. What an Amazing Ride, and that Ride was due to You!

Thank You So Very Much!

Steve Rabideaux