Electrical Apprenticeship

Application & Hiring Process

To work for Allison-Smith Company, you must:

  • pass a background check
  • have dependable transportation
  • pass a drug test
  • be dependable and commit to being at work every day and on time.

To submit your application for an apprenticeship, follow the link below. Once your application is submitted to the school, email Aaron Walsh to be added to the Allison-Smith Company referral list at the Electrical Training Center.

Click HERE to access the Electrical Training Center Apprenticeship Application.

READ instructions to complete and submit your application.

Hiring Process:

  • Step 1: Submit application to the Electrical Training Center
  • Step 2: Contact Aaron Walsh (aaron.walsh@allisonsmith.com) to be added to Allison-Smith Company’s referral list.
  • Step 3: Wait for an email from Dorothy Jackson at the Electrical Training Center. The email will include the following new hire instructions.
    • Complete Drug Test
    • Pick up work referral from IBEW
    • Report to Allison-Smith Company for orientation & job assignment.


Career Paths & Pay Scale

CE/CW Career Path

CE CW Career Path

Apprenticeship Career Path

Apprenticeship Payscale